CGSoc Weekly News (28/10/2015)

CGSoc’s on today! We’re in Building 7, Lecture Theatre F2! Signs will be put up in Nuffield for people who forget (or just don’t know where that room is). Tournament is Starwhal!

Also, Halloween is next week, and we’re running a spooky halloween game night next Thursday! We’ll have some spooky games, maybe a film or two. Bring your laptop, your DS, and have some fun! More details will be here: link

Coming this November, we are also running – in conjunction with Games Soc, KrakenSoc, Fandemonium, and Pokesoc – an inter-society quiz! It’s probably going to be on the 18th November in the evening, with questions from all 5 societies, so come along and meet new people! There’ll probably be a (very small) entry fee and some great prizes too! More details to come soon!

And finally: last week we found a green and black Ted Baker glasses case, which has since been handed into SUSU lost and found. We also found a pair of black-grey Sony earphones.

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CGSoc Weekly News (20/10/2015)

Hey all! CGSoc is on tomorrow – 4:30 to 8:30 in Nuffield Room B, as per the usual! The tournament this week is Mario Kart 8 so stretch out your driving/RNG muscles and don’t pick Rosalina (top-tier confirmed).

Also check out our online event playing Trouble in Terrorist Town this Thursday – details on the Facebook event page (link). There’s also a spoOoOOooky Hallowe’en game night being planned for next thursday.

Hope we see ya! xx

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CGSoc Weekly News (06/10/2015)

CGSoc is on tomorrow!

We’re in Nuffield Theatre, Lecture Theatre B – unfortunately due to logistics, we can’t stay in Nuffield C permanently – from 4:30pm to 8:30pm-ish, so drop in and say hi and have a game and stuff.
Our tournament this week is Trials Fusion!

We’ve also got our first multiplayer thing going on on Thursday (the event’s pinned here, so watch that for the server details) and we’re all going to play Team Fortress 2, which is fun. And free!

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Welcome to CGSoc!

Welcome to all our new members, and welcome back to all our old ones too!

We meet up every Wednesday between 4:30pm and about 8:30pm over in Nuffield B (info) and have a fun few hours playing on a whole bunch of consoles; you’re welcome to drop in/out whenever over the evening. We also run a tournament every week on the overhead of something or other!

Some rough timings of when we do things over the evening:

5:00pm – we all watch the latest Zero Punctuation and any announcements that have come up. Then a whole bunch of people go off to the SUSU shop for snacks and food and other goodies.

5:45pm – we aim to get the tournament going.

By all means bring your handhelds – it’s a great time to get Streetpasses! – but we sadly do have to say PLEASE NO LAPTOPS – the room is usually jampacked and tons of people + consoles, TVs, and everything else take the room to be literally boiling hot, so laptops on top of that are a no-go.

Our first meeting is this coming Wednesday – the 30th of September – and we’re also aiming for our first social to be on Thursday 31st – so watch this space and we’ll have an event up for it very soon.

Throughout the year we’re also hoping to arrange a whole bunch of online gaming evenings, LANs, or tournaments. Watch this space!

We’ve got a fairly active group and we’ve got people who play basically anything you imagine – so feel free to ask around. There’s a (new) list of gamertags and online IDs and whatnot, so drop your info in there if you’d like (link).

Thank you very much and we hope to see people soon!

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